European Union Trademark

Protect your brand, logo or slogan by registering a European Union Trademark. Based on this registration you will be able to take action against third parties who use a similar or identical trademark without your permission. The protection scope of a European Union trademark registration will extend to all countries of the European Union. It takes approximately 7 months, counted from the application date to obtain a European Union trademark registration. A European Union trademark registration is valid for 10 years.

Protect your trademark in all countries of the European Union  with  a European Union Trademark registration. The trademark specialists at Trademarkhost will gladly help you with the protection of your brand. Contact us for our free pre-registration advise.

Register your European Union Trademark at EU Domains & Trademarks and benefit from:
  • Free initial  identical trademark search by one of our trademark specialists
  • Trademark protection in all countries of the European Union

Trademarkhost assigns you your own trademark attorney, so you will have one contact person for all your trademark related questions.

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Our legal specialists will guide you through the entire trademark registration process. We conduct a trademark search to check whether the trademark is available, we register the trademark with the official authorities and if needed we carefully watch any possible infringements of your trademark rights.

EU Trademark pricing

Our services (search, register and watch) are all offered separately, although we highly recommend all three services if you seriously want to protect your trademark in the European Union.

Costs of EU Trademark Search € 295,-

Before investing in a European Union Trademark registration before investing in the registration of a EU Trademark, it is recommendable to conduct a Trademark Search. Most people think a simple online search will give you the information you need to decide whether your desired trademark is available. This online search however, will not reveal all relevant information about previously registered conflicting trademarks. Trademark Search is the best way to determine if the desired trademark is available.

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Costs of EU Trademark Register € 1375,-

Registering your trademark in the EU allows you to protect your product names, designs, logos or packaging against infringement. With a trademark registration you will be able to take action against third parties who use your trademark without your permission. If you do not register your trademark, you may even face infringement charges yourself when another party successfully registers the trademark.

With the European Union Trademark you are able to obtain trademark registration 27 countries at once. Our trademark attorneys will gladly help you with any questions you might have about registering an EU Trademark. in addition to the European Union we also offer assistance with trademark registration in more than 120 countries around the world.